Projects of moderate ambition:

  • Lord Evil's Daring Escape was conceived as an entry to Ludum Dare 25 (december 2012). The plan is to turn it into a short but high-fidelity retro platformer game within 2013. It uses the LÖVE engine and a custom game framework.
  • Warry is a Javascript/HTML5 tile editor inspired by the defunct Wally WAD editor. It serves as a testbed for drawing algorithms and editor architecture. You can try it here.
  • Requiem:Factor is a short but polished shoot-em-up. It was entered into a Norwegian game development contest in 2009.

Libraries and utilities:

Smaller projects/afternoon hacks:

  • Approximately pi over 2 was a 12 hour entry for Ludum Dare 26 (april 2013). Keeping with the theme of "minimalism", the game only uses a single button; Z. It is powered by Impact.
  • Tiny Timeout was my first (and only) app for the BlackBerry Playbook. It lets you listen to ocean waves or gentle rain. It was a "Hello World" that netted me a free tablet. ☺


Rants, articles and other pieces of writing hosted on this site:

  • The Ideas page contains concepts for apps and user interface elements.


Profiles/things hosted on other sites:

  • My Github profile contains the projects linked above and some other stuff not of note.
  • My gists page contains at least one useful image filter, but mostly odds and ends.
  • I post to Twitter at least once a year.


Random projects, goals and ambitions for the future:

  • Make this page build using a site compiler (Hakyll?)
  • Finish Warry and publish an Android version
  • Write a web application using Yesod
  • Do a project using PostgreSQL
  • Write a bullet hell game in pure C/OpenGL
  • Implement a Scheme interpreter


This page makes use of Skeleton. Check it out, it's awesome!